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Search-Net Management

We specialize in finding information. If you need to find assets, a person or even a place, you've come to the right people. If you need skip tracing, professional, fast, and always on time, then look no further. You've found Search-Net and we'll find what you need.

We will find your debtor, for as little as $25.

Call us now at (212) 447-5913.
We can help you collect.


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Address Locates

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Asset Searches

Complete Bank Search

Search of largest banks in state and smaller banks in subject’s region of residence and/or business within one state. Full report of all accounts located and banks searched.

Bank Account Locates

Identifies one open depository account defined as any account identified by the subject’s social security number or Federal Tax ID number – regardless of account title.

Mutual Funds & Brokerages

Identifies account relationships in the largerst brokerages and mutual fund companies, inlcuding closed accounts

International Bank Account Locates

Search of banks worldwide to find an account to discover any assets belonging to an individual or a corporation.

Industry Partners

We leverage our contacts in the field to provide you with the best research available.

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